ExclusivelySpa is an award-winning international spa & wellness company. Our forte is the creation and realisation of unique spas and wellness centres. We do this by developing distinctive spa concepts and systems that exceed guest expectations, and are bespoke to the client’s specific requirements, aspirations and to every market and location.

You may choose between our Basic Planning and Design service that focuses on Kurland Equipment and Facilities or our Comprehensive Consulting Services that encompass the entire lifecycle of your spa, from spa concept design, detailed design specifications, business and operational strategy, through to pre-opening planning and management services and subsequent operational management advisory.

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Our Services

Spa & Wellness Consultancy, Concepts, Systems, Equipment and Products for Spas, Wellness Centers, Consumers and Luxury Residences.

  • Spa Facilities & Equipment

    ExclusivelySpa is an expert spa concept creator and supplier of exceptional spa facilities, systems, equipment and furniture to the spa, health, beauty and wellness industries working alongside Kurland, FloatSPA and other leading spa brands.

  • Spa Products

    Our online product catalogue is a procurement of high-quality spa, health, beauty & wellness products from leading brands in the industry, many of which are uniquely offered in retail by ExclusivelySpa

  • Consultancy

    We offer spa planning & concept design and realisation, brand creation, market & feasibility studies, spa pre-opening management, operational management and advisory services.

  • Pre-Opening Services

    Operational strategy and pre-opening planning and management is a crucial aspect in the successful implementation of the Spa Concept. Our services provides an A-Z guide of operating your new Spa including hiring, training, technical support, treatment selection, menu creation, product brand selection, wellness programmes alongside standard operating procedures and management systems.

  • Delivery & Installation

    We ship to over 100 countries around the world with door-to-door and white glove delivery service.

  • Customer Support

    We pride ourselves on a nurturing healthy, long-lasting partnerships with our customers by providing unrivalled customer service, post-purchase services and follow up.