KURLAND® is a German brand that has been pioneering the field of spa and wellness for over 50 years. Kurland provides patented, extraordinary and ground-breaking spa systems & equipment – creating an exceptional world of emotions with each of their wellness experiences. Facilities like the Rasul®, Salve-in-Terra®, SnowBliss®, Soft-pack®, Kraxenofen®, Sabbia Med® are innovations of Kurland
along with different types of high-quality sauna and steam rooms with unlimited design opportunities and patented sauna systems
such as the famous Brechelbath® and Stonebath®.


Kurland’s contemporary sauna designs are bespoke and tailored to the preferences and requirements of the client, and often grounded in the timeless Finnish Sauna. These saunas are hot air baths with temperatures between 80 and 100 °C (176 and 212 °F) and a relative humidity of 3 to 8 %.

The seating area is traditionally situated in tiers around the sauna oven. Our Saunas can be operated in different ways, depending on your requirements, e.g. as a Finnish Sauna, a Bio Sauna, a Vitalizing Herbal Bath or as a Hot Air Bath - each with various temperatures and humidity. Each room is created specifically for your space and needs with a large selection of wood finishes, lighting options and room shapes available. 

RASUL room

Seduce your guests into a dream from “One Thousand and One Nights”. In the Rasul®, an invention by the wellness pioneer Paul Haslauer (Founder of Kurland GmBH), not only is skin pampered and perfectly cared for, but your mind and soul can also let go.

With the Rasul® series, a thousand-year-old Oriental cleanising and skincare ceremony is turned into a modern system that has become an essential element of many spa businesses: the Rasul®. The Oriental ambience alone will impress your guests. Ornately painted, handmade ceramics, spectacular colours, towering minarets and a deceptively realistic starry sky entice you into a world from “One Thousand and One Nights”.


Salve-in-Terra® – has been awarded with the Health Spa Award as the best technical spa innovation – is a wellness system that not only provides skincare treatments but also entices your guests into a world of emotions.

The Salve-in-Terra® evokes these positive sensations in four ways:

  • The guest is set in motion with the gentle rocking movements of the bed.
  • The skincare product works on the skin and reinforces the floating feeling.
  • The gentle contact with the soft bed and the care product stimulates the touch sensors in the skin and transmits these sensations to the limbic system.
  • The body is moistened with the skincare product again and again, thanks to the movement, it can work more intensely,

KRAXENOFEN Herbal bath

The Kraxenofen experience is a gentle heat treatment based on the well-establish health benefits of the essential oils and fragrance of the Alpine hay and Swiss pine. Designed to relax the body and mind, this treatment is ideal as a relaxation room or before massages and other spa treatments.

When the guests are seated in the Kraxenofen®, heat starts rising through the haypads and the essence of the alpine hay spreads its fragrance from behind the comfortable heated seats. A soft fabric “cape” is brought over the guest to channel rising herbal vapor and Swiss pine steam along the body, relaxing the back and neck areas.  The pelvic muscles are gently overheated, adding to the full body relaxation experience – ideal for guests prior to having further treatments or massages.